EDIT: MOTHERFUCKER i meant to post to my blog not GT. sorry for obnoxious humblebrag.

EDIT x2: here is the tweet that spawned this

i know that isn’t a popular sentiment to make, let alone broadcast into the universe. so i’m announcing it here, where most likely no one will see/care.


because i want to brag. because i came to the realization that holy shit, this is rare. and awesome. and should be appreciated.

i stumbled across a tweet—the original context was defending sex work, which i am 100% behind—but it somehow devolved into attacking the idea that anyone anywhere is working because they love what they do as opposed to because BILLS BILLS BILLS. and yeah, don’t for one second get me wrong, i would LOVE more $$$ to pay off the mortgage and buy a nicer house and save for (hypothetical) future fireheadbabies, but even if all of that magic happened, i think i would still want to show up to work. because a. i would go batshit stir-crazy and/or become listlessly despondent if i didn’t have some kind of structure to my day/place to go, and (more importantly) b. my job makes me feel like i have a purpose in this universe.


people (doctors, patients, nurses, research administrators) need me. because clinical research is a complex, important, precise field that has huge potential, if carried out correctly. together, at the end of the day, we are all working to get people onto exciting new therapies to treat their cancer.

so above all, i am just thankful to be a part of it.